My favourite things in the month/s : april and may


Although over the past two months i’ve been really busy with school a.k.a LOTS OF ASSESSMENTS but of course i have been obsessed with a few things, mainly to de-stress myself this month and i thought i’d share them with you guys.

books i read/started to read

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett– i read this one in April and it was EVERYTHING I NEEDED. I found that it gave off Anna and the French Kiss vibes which i looove and i totally added it to my ‘favourite contemporary books” list.
Geekerella by Ashley Posten – I have only started this book but i have a feeling i will like it ALOT since it is based on Cinderella and fandoms.
A Court of Wings and Ruin– I’m currently reading ACOWAR and i’m ALREADY IN LOVE obviously and i hope that i can do a review soon.


Arden rose– I really enjoy watching her relaxed videos. They are just really calming and real and i have basically watched all of her videos so far *guilty*

podcasts (a new thing)

Lately, i have gained a new obsession, podcasts. I was introduced to a good podcast by Arden Rose that i really looked forward to listen every week called Crash on My Couch. From there i’ve been on the hunt for more good podcasts. These are my two favourites.
Crash on My Couch– This one is really interesting, Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire are the hosts and they talk about the most random topics which i love and have a question session at the end that i look forward to the most. I definitely recommend it especially for bus/train rides (which i take on the way to school and it definitely makes my trip better when i cannot read a book because of the crowd) this goes for both podcasts.
A Novel Chat I’m listening to this podcast as i type up this post and i looove every single podcast i’ve listened to so far. It is hosted by Aneeqah, Willa, and Emily. They talk about all things YA books and i think any book lover would love listening to it.

What have you been obsessed with this month, anything new? Let me know in the comments.








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